Want success, love and happiness?

Want success, love and happiness? Change your beliefs. Your Life and Circumstances manifest and express your inner beliefs.

Wine for Weight-Loss and Self Care

Kathryn Morrow (Owner and Founder, KGM Nutrition) shares a compelling list of reasons why a glass of wine not only won’t hinder your weight-loss goals but can in fact accelerate your results. She supports her view by providing specific examples of ingredients in wine, how wine is good for mental and heart health. She also explains the best way to incorporate wine into a healthy and balanced weight loss plan.

Functional Medicine for Foot Pain

Jenn was in intense pain. Jenn (not her real name) had been diagnosed with a heel spur. The pain had been present for three plus months and did not seem to be showing any signs of letting up. Dr. Robert Kornfeld shares Jenn’s story how she FINALLY healed with Functional Medicine.

Should I End This Relationship?

Are you unhappy in your relationship? Do you believe that you are a victim and that your unhappiness is the other person’s fault? If you are in a dilemma whether it is the right time for you to leave a relationship, then here is some relationship advice from bestselling author, Dr. Margaret Paul.

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